Bag patterns Lazy Girl Designs

In this department you will find bag batterns and acrylic bag bottoms from Lazy Girl Designs by Joan Hawley.

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LGD 125
LGD 120
LGD 119

Clover bag handles black

CLO 6324

Clover bag handles amber

CLO 6325
LGD 206
LGD 115
LGD 124

Miranda Day Bag

LGD 123

Fusible interfacing


Clover bag handles marble brown

CLO 6335

Clover bag handles bamboo amber

CLO 6334

Wonder Wallet

LGD 211

Runaround Bag

LGD 111

Perfect Pouches

LGD 113


LGD 117

Gracie Handbag

LGD 118

Hoffmann Sumba Gracie Handbag Kit

HF GH kit

Chelsea Tote

LGD 116

Sassy Bag

LGD 108

City Bag

LGD 112

Towne Purse

LGD 107

Needle Case

LGD 105

Acrylic bag bottom A

LGS 500

Acrylic bag bottom B

LGD 501